hATTR Compass Genetic Testing

hATTR Compass Genetic Testing

hATTR Compass Genetic Testing and Counseling Program


Akcea Therapeutics and Ambry Genetics are partnering to offer anonymous, no-cost genetic testing and confidential genetic counseling to patients suspected of having or clinically diagnosed with hATTR amyloidosis through the hATTR Compass program.

hATTR Compass is Designed to:


The hATTR Compass Program is available for patients in the U.S. and Canada who are 18 years and older and have a family history of hATTR amyloidosis. If there is no family history, the patient must have at least two clinical symptoms or manifestations related to hATTR amyloidosis.

For more information and resources, please visit – www.hATTRCompass.com.


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